Victor Brana

★ Graphic & Game Design / UI / UX / Development Portfolio ★

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Graphic Design & UI / UX:
PlayerPrefs Elite plugin for Unity 3D

PlayerPrefs Elite plugin (by Branovets Games) for Unity 3D. Anti-cheat solution for all platforms. Protect your game from cheating and modification for items, levels, highscores or something else. No need to code for view states, edit or delete your Player Prefs values in real time through PlayerPrefs Elite visual editor.
PlayerPrefs Elite plugin Plugin for Unity3D UI/UX Design Graphic design, user interface and user experience design
Supported: iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS X, Windows Phone 8, Windows Store (Metro), BlackBerry, Unity Web Player, Linux. Can be bought in Unity Asset Store. Keywords: #games #gamedesign #graphicdesign #ux #ui #gamedevelopment #mobilegames #plugin #unity3d
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